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Free Recovery Service!

Have you lost an item which is precious to you or you would find difficult to replace?

Whether it's an item of jewellery or some machine part, as long as it's made of metal, our members are available to attempt to recover the item.
Don't delay, email today! The sooner we conduct a search after a loss, the greater the chance of recovery!

Attention Landowners!

Have you ever wondered what historic items lie buried beneath that paddock, lower field or entire farm?

It may not be apparent today but the chances are that your rolling acres may have once been occupied by Romans, Saxons, Vikings and others throughout history. If so, who knows what they left behind. It may be nothing, perhaps a few coins or artifacts. However, could it be something special? Could it possibly be the next Vale of York Hoard?
Email today and let us help expand the historical record of the nation by the discovery of what lies beneath!

Do you want to know more?

Have you read all about the Two Dales Metal Detecting Club, followed the links and still want more information about the club or metal detecting?

Email today with queries/questions we will endeavor to provide you with answers!


If we are unable to offer our help due to location/distance, we will put you in touch with people in your area who will be happy to assist!

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